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Got yourself locked out of your property or vehicle? Lost your keys or damaged the locks? Call us for a free consultation!

24hr Locksmith Service in London

LocksExpert is a Locksmith Company operating in London with a 24hr emergency service. We offer Locksmith Services to residential homeowners, apartments and real estate agencies across the capital. Our team has extensive experience in the industry and will be happy to provide you with a free consultation on any issue relating to Locks and Security systems.

CALL US NOW: +44 (0) 7474 000113

How we work

Call our locksmith

Contact us to report an issue. Our line is open 24/7, alternatively send an Email with your enquiry

Wait for a technician

We will not leave you hanging. Average waiting time is usually between 20-30 minutes

inspection & diagnostics

Upon arrival, our engineer will perform all necessary inspections and will provide you with the quote for the works

Fulfillment of the order

Once everything is agreed, we will try to complete the job with upmost efficiency and minimal disruption

24h Emergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith callouts are offered for those who locked themselves out of their house, flat and other types of properties. Auto locksmith service is available 24/7 in London, helping you gain access to your vehicle in case you locked yourself out of your vehicle. Looking for a fair Locksmith Quote in London? CALL US NOW: 07474000113

Our services

Residential Locksmith

- Front door lock opening service
- New lock fitting and installation
- Lock changing and mechanism fixing

unlocking vehicles

- Car door unlocking
- Battery charge

Locksmith Contractors

- Locksmith for Estate Agency
- Locksmith for Construction Company
- Locksmith Tenders

Locksmith Subscription

- Locksmith membership
- Supervision of building security
- Free service under membership contracts

Why choose us?

We work tirelessly around the clock to provide you with the best professional locksmith service in London. We understand that situations when you need a locksmith can be frustrating and that’s why we aim to provide the most efficient and friendly service for our customers.

Working with LocksmithMG

Qualified locksmiths with great experience

Experienced specialists with many years of experience, who know the characteristics of locks of any complexity and brand. We offer the best lock brands in the market for customers

24-hour locksmith callouts

We work 24/7 without weekends and bank holidays. We always keep one available locksmith master for you just in case. We do not know what does sleep mean.

Our locksmiths will unlock almost any car

Our Locksmiths are equipped with special kits in case if you locked yourself out of car, left keys inside, or if just battery is dead.

Fairer & Lower prices

We will coordinate the cost of service with the customer before leaving the master, in case of unforeseen circumstances before we start the work.

Quick response

Within 20 minutes after your call, our locksmith will arrive at the specified address. Lock picking, door opening and gaining access to your property takes no more than 10 minutes

We work without damage with locks of any complexity

We work 24 hours a day: you can order the opening of the lock without damage both day and night.

Your 24/7 local locksmith is nearby. Lock picking & car unlocking without damage​

Lock on the front door is stuck? Locked yourself out? Locked your keys in car? Do not take the risk of breaking the lock yourself! This can result in damage to the door frame structure and result in unexpected repair costs, and in the worst case, a complete replacement of the door. The best way is to Call our Free Locksmith Consultation Line and receive the best possible advice. Our locksmiths will urgently eliminate the problem, ensuring that in the future the door leaf and the box will not require any repairs

LocksExpert Team


Executive director

Hello my dear customer, if you have locked yourself out of house, apartment, flat or car, or just want to change your locks, or install new locks and other security systems to protect your home, office, just give us a Call, and we will provide you with free consultationt and offer you guaranteed best quote. I know its always difficult to choose a service you can trust, however I assure you that we do not have any hidden costs and we will do all it takes to make you happy.


Marketing manager

Hi, follow us on social media and get our promo codes and take a part in many challenges to get free support and free locks with full installation from us. Send us any question on Facebook and Instagram, and see our beautiful blogs about locksmiths in london.

Customers reviews

Locksmith Experts in our company passed special training and ready for any difficulty they may face. Our Locksmith Techniticians are well-equipped, what allow them to pic any door lock or fit new lock to the door frame, or simple change your old lock to new one and provide with new pairs of keys. We do all it takes to make our customers happy and all your requests regarding secury of your home will be completed. See some of comments that our customers left under our social media pages and always CALL US first on 07474000113 before you decide which locksmith service to chose. 

"I want to thank you boys for your confidence! I have left keys in the car and some time later of no movement and action, the doors were automathically blocked and all things left inside, even keys from from. I was outside on the street with a small kid, Alex arrived within 15 minutes, I was lucky he had another call nearby!!! Everything was done professionally and very quickly, in just a minute! He offered me a good price, we became friends and promised me even better discount if I will have a problem with locks again. Thank you Alex for your understanding and help!"
Jeremy Mackay
"My entrance door lock stuck, I could not open the door. We thought we could break it with scrap, but we were afraid that we would make it even worse. A neighbor suggested the number of these guys, I called, Alex arrived in 20 minutes, opened our door and immediately fixed the lock. Satisfied with their locksmith service, everything worked out very quickly))"
Harriett Stinston
"At my office the door was jammed, the staff could not get into the office to work. I have googled local locksmith on the phone and saw this company, immediately called, the locksmith arrived to the office in 15 minutes. Immediately opened the door and offered to change the lock. 4 months have passed since that moment, there were no problems. I advise Locksexpert."
Marshall Johnson

Locksmith Stats

1 %
residential locksmith callouts

Most of our customers reach us due to door lock issues. Locked out of your house or flat? Need to change lock or fit new lock?

1 %
Auto/(car) Locksmith

Those who locked themselves out of vehicle. Locked keys in car? Locked ourself out of car? Left keys in car?

1 %
Locksmith Contractors

Locksmith jobs, contracts and security works. Have locksmith contracts or tenders to offer ? Need reliable locksmith for contract?

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